Commissioned Portrait: Olive the Cat

Olive-PhotoMy client, Abbey, emailed me a few reference photo of Olive the cat. By the expression on Olive’s face, I believe she was surprised that someone actually had found her enjoying that sunbeam under the dining room table!

As I considered what I wanted this painting to say, I decided not to include the table legs. The story was a simple one and the essence captured:

A warm glow against the soft, white fur and the mesmerizing gaze of those yellow- green eyes.

Although circumstances were such that Olive resided now in another home, the family, especially her son, had fond memories of their furry friend.

Olives-portraitAbbey sent back this happy photo with a note saying her son had told her, “This portrait was his favorite Christmas present!”

With this painting, I hope he’ll enjoy thinking back of this cherished pet for a long time to come.

Who could forget those yellow-green eyes?

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