Commissioned Portrait: New Born Baby Boy Connor

Connor-baby-pic“Bring me a few snapshots that have special meaning to you, Tonya”.   My friend did just that. As she shared her memories, one photo especially spoke to me – the picture of her only son, newborn Connor, literally moments old.   I wasn’t focusing on the dangling medical tubes and birth aftermath evidence of his entry into this world.

Connor’s dad snapped the moment with a little camera with his right hand. His left finger was being grasped by his newborn baby boy. It was as though they were making formal introduction for the 1st time. Also, look at Connor’s anticipated high five with his other little hand!

Then I recognized the same turned up smile of the five year little boy I knew as Connor.

Since I have my artist license, I left out everything that didn’t tell the story only adding a small bandage over the location of the soon-to- be belly button.

This moment’s essence captured here: The smile, the father-son connection and the first of many high fives to come.


I’m so glad this moment isn’t hidden away in a photo album! Instead it is placed in their home’s entry way table reminding them what love created that day.

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