Class Supply List

Watercolor Basics Supply List


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These basic supplies will provide you an excellent investment of tools required for watercolor paintings.  By taking care of them, you will enjoy them for years to come. If you already have some supplies, let’s discuss & bring what you have to class.  Hobby Lobby has a wonderful selection for you to choose from student to professional grades & several watercolor all-inclusive cases. My suggestion is to purchase the best you can afford.   (Remember, your Hobby Lobby Coupons and excellent sale items!)

Watercolor paper: Strathmore Series #400 12×18 $14.00 (will need at least one pad & maybe 2)

Tracing Paper:  Canson Tracing Pad, 9×12

Graphite paper: Royal Langnickel Graphite paper (usually one large sheet in pack)

Paints:  Watercolor $7-20 tube paint set.  If you choose, there are also available, full painting kits for approx $60 that will include brushes & accessories, or you can buy individual paint tubes if you own  some supplies currently.   We will be using about 6 colors choices:  oranges, yellows, browns, blues & purples.  (We’ll discuss color in class.)

Palette: At least 8 wells for paint & mixing areas….the more wells, the better. Palettes with covered lids are best.

Brushes:  You will need these 4 to create this painting:  1” Flat or bright, #8 Flat, #6 Round, #1 Script.  Hobby Lobby has several brush kits to choose from or you can purchase individually.  Be sure to look for water media brushes…NOT oil brushes!  Buy the best you can afford! They will last for years with good care.

Water container   (Best with lid tight cover and preferably, have two of them available for clean water). Hobby Lobby has several to choose from $5-16.  Or can bring something from home.

Backing Board: (Hobby Lobby has excellent sizes to choose from & I prefer the strength & easy carry of these boards. Also, a backing board can be created by cutting  ply-board to size.  Minimum for this project should be 15×15)

Frame:  Your choice when you have your finished painting!  Our finished painting size will be a 9×12 & will displays nicely in a standard 12×16 frame with mat.  (Hobby Lobby has a wonderful frame, mat, and custom framing options.)

Masking Tape – 1” roll.

Natural Sponges– Langnickel Variety pack $4-5

Eraser, soft kneaded – General Brand – $1.00-$2.00

Color Wheel – Pocket Color Wheel $4.00

Sharpie pen – ultra fine point or super fine point

Notebook for note taking

Plastic case/box to carry your supplies!

From Home:  1 Roll Paper Towels, (“Viva” brand is the best)

Kitchen type rectangle sponge, #2 pencil, ruler, scissors, ziplock bags (sandwich & gallon size works well for waterproof storage), old toothbrush or stencil brush, hair dryer, old shirt or apron if you choose.