Standing at Water’s Edge

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Oregon’s West Coast.  We flew to Portland, Oregon, rented a car & drove the coast to the Redwoods in Northern California.  What beautiful country…mountains on the east side rolling down to the Pacific Ocean on the west.  Lighthouses at nearly every rocky point are still faithfully guiding ships along the shoreline.

paula-cal600I think my favorite spot was Newport, Oregon where we stayed in a delightful B&B, Tyee Lodge,  Our Innkeeper, Dee Nebert, was a gracious host serving delicious breakfasts each morning. Here are Dee & I with the Tyee Lodge ocean view bookmark I painted for her.

The Tyee Lodge is located on a cliff overlooking the beach.  The 60 degree temperature was too cool for most people, however a few adventuresome souls passionately waded out to catch the next exhilarating wave rush.  (I watched them in Dee’s cozy sitting room with a hot cup of tea & yet another warm chocolate chip cookie.)

I’m in my Missouri art studio this morning, not painting – still important time spent keeping up with the business side & considering my next step on this creative journey. Time moves on just like those crashing waves I watched recently.

What a comparison we can make with our own lives.  We can choose to stand afar off & watch others participating in what life has to offer.  We can stand at water’s edge or make the decision to jump in.  How scary it is to dive in headfirst towards a beautiful white piece of paper with paint! I might make a mistake!
Marriage is described as “taking the plunge.”  Businesses sink or swim.”Believers drift away…however, the anchor holds fast.  When we fear making the dive, opportunities & blessings are missed.

Are you hesitating to immerse into something you desire?  I have a dog-earred & chewed upon) copy of Anne Paris’ book, “Standing at Water’s Edge”  I recommend this read for any creative individual that needs a nudge into uncharted waters.

Ms Paris’ book includes this quote from the allegory of C.S. Lewis, “The Pilgrim’s Regress”:

“…you must dive into the waters.”
“Alas,” said he, “I have never learned to dive.”
“There is nothing to learn,” said she.  “The art of diving is not to do
anything new but simply to cease doing something.  You have only to
let yourself go.”  “It is only necessary,” said Vertue, with a smile, “to
abandon all efforts at self-preservation.”
“I think,” said John, “that if it is all one, I would rather jump.”
“It is not all one,” said Mother Kirk.  “If you jump, you will be
trying to save yourself and you may be hurt.  As well, you would
not go deep enough.  You must dive so that you can go right down
to the bottom of the pool: for you are not to come up again on this
side.  There is a tunnel in the cliff, far beneath the surface of the
water, and it is through that tunnel that you must pass so that you
may come up on the far side.”

I plunged in this creative journey hoping that I could share my art with others. Teaching was 2011’s goal.  This year’s goals are three fold: 1) Begin research & website development, 2) Enter paintings into exhibits, 3) Apply for Gallery showings.  I have dove in and find that my goals are being realized. My students enjoying my Hobby Lobby painting classes are creating successful paintings, YOU ARE reading my website blog, & Waverly House Gallery Reception for the juried themed show was enjoyed last evening.  My “Untamed Rapids” was an accepted entry.  Their beautiful show will be through July 28, 2012. Please visit them at

I’m interested in reading your thoughts.  Are you diving in or standing at water’s edge?

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